Our Mission

Changing the way Doctors do business.

This is not just a motto; this is the realization that there is a problem in the medical and dental industry. It has nothing to do with the physicians, dentists, the patients, or the fact that these services will continue to be needed. It has nothing to do with forthcoming government regulation, the red tape of insurance companies, or even the amount of time it takes for a patient to get x-rays.

The problem is business. The business of health care.

Headwaters Practice Consultants is a ground breaking, innovative company with many competitive advantages that stem from its ability to integrate technology with a sound operating process to achieve uncommon results. These results will make it easier for physicians and dentists to do business, practice the way they have always dreamed, and have excellent exit strategies so that they are not just working a job, but fulfilling a purpose.

Change the Way YOU do Business.


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